Piston pump, Sliding frame, Truck reception

AEB Amsterdam

Sewage sludge incineration system, with reception bunker and Saxlund solids piston pump.

Case study

Sewage sludge incineration at AEB Amsterdam

A plant for the co-incineration of sewage sludge has been built at the waste incineration plant in Amsterdam.

The mechanically drained sludge delivered by truck is transported to the receiving silo with Saxlund Sliding Floor discharge device.

The sludge is conveyed to the boiler feed silo with the solid pump via the combined discharge and pre-press screw. After the silo, the flow is evenly dosed into a fluidized bed furnace via the Saxlund distribution system.

The duplex solids pump with a free cross-section in the entire range of 250 mm, specially developed for large quantities of foreign sludge, combines the advantages of the screw pumps and the valve-controlled pumps. Extremely low wear and high availability characterize this type of pump.

If necessary, the system can be equipped with original Saxlund accessories such as:

  • To protect downstream plant parts from foreign objects, a separator can be arranged in the pipeline after the pump.
  • The degree of protection in this application is 40 mm.
  • To reduce pressure loss by approx. 30%, a boundary layer injection pump can be used.

Technical data





Sewage sludge

Bulk density

1000 kg/m³

Dry solids content

28 %


Reception silo with Push Floor Discharge

Silo capacity

34 m³

Discharge rate

40 m³/h


2-Cylinder Solids Pump

Solid pump, type

SPX 2300-2000

Conveying capacity

40 m³/h

Conveying pressure

40 bar

Motor rating

110 kW

Pipework, DN200 PN100

Approx. 20 m