Saxlund GmbH sign two new contracts for a total of EURO 1.2 million

Saxlund Groups AB’s subsidiary, Saxlund International Gmbh, has signed two contracts with Envirotherm Gmbh on April 16 for a total of EUR 1.2 million. Saxlund will supply newly developed material handling for the input of sewage sludge for incineration.

Saxlund will supply a material handling system that largely consists of our own newly developed system for separation of sludge and input to the combustion process.

Saxlund is proud to once again secure an order for a project that is driven by the new law for recycling of phosphorus from sewage sludge. Extra fun to welcome Envirotherm as a customer to Saxlund and that we get the opportunity to deliver to their phosphorus recycling projects. We win yet another order for sludge handling, an area we see is growing, where our products and systems are highly appreciated by the market, says Stefan Wallerman, CEO of Saxlund Group AB.