Saxlund International Awarded New Contract

Saxlund International Awarded New Contract

Helvellyn Group is delighted to announce that Saxlund International Limited has been appointed to supply and install the material handling and storage process equipment at its inaugural Leeds production plant.

Helvellyn Group manufacture a high energy, low environmental impact solid fuel designed to replace coal without modification to existing fuel handling and combustion equipment.

Each production facility relies on the continuous movement of material, from initial preparation through to final discharge of finished product for dispatch, in order to maintain an output of 60,000 tons per annum of consistently high quality renewable coal equivalent fuels.

Under the contract Saxlund is responsible for the design, installation and commissioning of a system to convey and store the material in a bunker before it’s discharged and distributed to the Helvellyn’s processing units. Saxlund’s system then collects the processed fuel and loads trailers for shipping to Helvellyn’s clients.

Central to the design is Saxlund’s state-of-the-art Push Floor bunker discharge technology which ensures ‘first in, first out’ housekeeping principles limiting the opportunity for the fuel to degrade or compact.  The Push Floor’s reciprocating action across the floor of the bunker continuously breaks up the material, preventing any build up or bridging, ensuring consistent and measured delivery of fuel to the discharge point.

Matt Drew, Managing Director of Saxlund International said: “We are really excited to be involved in such an important project to reduce landfill of unrecyclable material and convert this to a useful fuel. Continuously developed over many years and in use at dozens of waste-to-energy sites across Europe, Saxlund’s Push Floor and conveying technology is ideal for handling waste materials and we are completely focused on delivering a highly resilient, robust and reliable solutions for the Helvellyn Group. “

The production plant, located in Leeds, is the first of a planned twenty UK production facilities which will be producing 1,200,000 tons of renewable coal substitute fuel by 2022.

Frank Harris, CEO of Helvellyn Group, commented “The Saxlund team have shown a deep understanding of the challenges we faced in handling different materials throughout the production process and have been fundamental to the final design of the plant. Their ability to collaborate with others on each part of the process has given us great comfort that they are the best partner for us as we role out our UK site programme”.