Chain conveyor, Fuel handling for power

Margam Waste Wood Power Station

Saxlund supplied a system comprising of an overhead crane, screening and conveying for a 125MWth Biomass Power Station in Wales.

Case study

Biomass power plant in Margam Great Britain

Babcock & Wilcox Vølund has built a biomass power plant in Wales for waste wood with a heat output of 125 MW. For this purpose, Saxlund supplies the conveyor systems from the storage with 2 portal crane systems and the entire conveying path into the boiler.

The shredded waste wood is delivered by truck. Two portal cranes distribute the fuel in storage and supply the receiving bin. A screw bottom underneath the funnel discharges the material and feeds it to a disk separator. The material flow can be bypassed by means of a distribution flap in the bypass chute.

Screw conveyors distribute the wood chips to one of the two conveyor lines, each consisting of 3 trough chain conveyors. The wood chips are conveyed from the storage building into the boiler house via the trough chain conveyors and distributed to the boiler feed funnel on three points each.

Technical data





Wood chips from wood waste

Bulk density

185-300 kg/m³

Particle size



15...35 %


2 Portal cranes

Wheel base

25000 mm

Conveying rate

420 m³/h per crane


1 Receiving funnel with Discharging Screw

Silo capacity

52 m³

Discharge rate

184 m³/h

4 Discharge screw, type


1 Collection screw, type



1 disk separator

Conveying rate

184 m³/h


1200 mm


2 Distributor screws

Conveying rate

184 m³/h per screw

Screw type

TAZ mm


2 Through Chain Conveyor lines with steel structures

Wheel base

26000 mm, 0°-18°

Wheel base

52100 mm, 25°

Wheel base

19400 mm, 25°-0°

Conveying rate

184 m³/h

Trough width

1200 mm

Chain conveyor

2 Strand forked strap

Drive rate

9,2 kW; 22 kW; 11 kW