Moving Floor Trailer Docking Station for Reception of Biomass and Waste Derived Fuels

The SAX-TDS Trailer Docking Station is designed to allow Moving Floor trailers to reverse, dock into the system and discharge materials without spillage into a conveying system.


The SAX-TDS utilises screw conveyors to meter the material as it is removed from the trailer and discharge into a chain or belt conveyor for transportation onto the next process.

The SAX-TDS is supplied complete with a roller shutter door, inflatable wall seal and an integrated dust filter to minimise leaks into the environment.

As an option the SAX-TDS can also be supplied with an optional hydraulic power pack to provide motive power to a moving floor trailer, which can then be used to discharge the material into the process when required, thus using the trailer as a small storage silo.

Our SAX-TDS is used widely in industries such as feeding Alternative Fuels into Cement plants, and waste derived fuels such as waste wood, RDF and SRF into Power Stations.


  1.  Hydraulic unit with hose reel (optional)
  2.  Light barrier for height detection of the Trailer
  3.  Signal light
  4.  Roller shutter door
  5.  Level measurement (optional)
  6.  Filter (optional)
  7.  Pneumatic expanded bellows seal
  8.  Screw Conveyor
  9.  Fan for the bellows seal
  10.  Screw-Box
  11.  Gear motor


  • Self Contained
  • Minimises spillage
  • Fully enclosed for dust control
  • High throughput
  • Compact
  • Does not require any pits / excavations
  • Low power consumption

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