Silo storage and discharge systems

Saxlund have over the years delivered many silo storage systems for non-free flowing materials. With our industry leading Sliding Frame, Hydraulic Rotor and TubeFeeder technology for round silos and our Push Floors for rectangular silos we can handle almost any difficult to handle material.

Silo storage and discharge systems

As part of a complete package Saxlund can deliver solutions that can receive materials from Trucks and then convey and elevate this material up into a storage system.

This system will need to be sized for the maximum intake of material, which is usually many times more than the process consumption. The storage system can then be sized according to the client’s needs (1 hour – 5 days) and provide a live reclaim of material without any manual intervention.

We can also deliver single / multiple silos to fit into a larger scheme according to the process design.

The technologies that Saxlund employ for silo discharge are all proven, low power and robust systems. We then convey this material into the client’s process on demand, according to the client’s requirements.

Typical Saxlund Products

  • Saxlund Sliding Frame
  • TubeFeeder®
  • Saxlund Hydraulic Rotor
  • Saxlund Push Floor

Typical Applications

  • BioEnergy Power Stations
  • Wood Pelleting Plants
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Alternative Fuel Systems
  • Particle Board Plants

Storage Volume


Typical Materials

  • Wood chips
  • Wood Pellets
  • SRF / RDF
  • Sludge Cake
  • MBM
  • Sawdust
  • Profuel

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