Optimum Discharge Machine for rectangular bunkers

The Saxlund Push Floor discharger is designed for difficult non- free- flowing bulk solids and is used widely to handle biomass materials, alternative fuels in the cement industry, waste to energy projects, particle board industry as well as for sludge cake handling in the water industry.

The Push Floor

The Push Floor is an ‘original’ discharger design by the Saxlund for square and rectangular bunkers. It is designed to function with non-free-flowing and difficult to handle bulk solid materials.

The flat bottom floor concept gives many advantages and the Push Floor can be used in a number of different configurations to suit the client’s particular requirement. Reliable discharge and accurate metering can be achieved on demand.

The Push Floor is a “first-in first-out” discharger which ensures that materials that degrade over time are drawn down and discharged from the Push Floor in a uniform manner without building up in corners.


A series of parallel ladders are connected to a series of hydraulic cylinders located at one side of the Push Floor.

Each ladder performs a reciprocating motion on the flat bunker floor shearing a layer of material from the bunker into a collection conveyor. Depending on the application and material, gate bars and levelling screws can be incorporated for smoother discharge if required.

Reliable and Versatile

The Push Floor discharge machine can be used in a number of different Push Floor configurations.

It can be used in the bottom of a square or rectangular silo or bunker. It can be used to push the material to one end of the bunker or to pull it to the other end.

It can also push and pull the material to the centre of the bunker where there can be either one or several screws, solids handling pumps etc. It is then performing as a rectangular version of the Sliding Frame machine.

The Push Floor can also be used as a ‘drive in, tip and leave’ machine or indeed as a stockpile reclaimer.

Technical specifications

The Push Floor has three basic configurations:

  • SB To push material to one end of the bunker.
  • ZB To pull material to one end of the bunker.
  • SZB To push and pull material to the centre of the bunker

Typical Discharge Rates

Up to 500m3/hr per module

Typical Floor Sizes

  • Up to 10,500m wide per section of floor
  • Up to 25,000mm long
  • Multiple floors can be used dependant on space constraints

How is it used?

Typical Applications


  • Effective and simple operation.
  • Uniform draw down of material on “first in, first out” principle.
  • Accurate discharge and metering of the stored material on demand.
  • External maintenance possible – even with the bunker full.
  • Low power usage – ladders move only required loose material.
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Flat bottom bunkers – economic to construct and maximize capacity

Typical Materials

  • Wood Chips
  • SRF and RDF Alternative Fuels
  • Wood Pellets
  • Tyre Chips
  • Shredded Waste Wood
  • Palm Nut Kernels
  • Peanut Husks
  • Sludge Cake
  • Bark

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