Reception of material from trucks

Saxlund have essentially three types of Reception Systems which can be supplied as units or as part of an integrated plant by Saxlund.

Sliding Frame / Push Floor Bunker Reception System

A hydraulically actuated lid opens to allow trucks to tip material into the reception silo / bunker. A Sliding Frame or Push Floor positioned on the baseplate in the flat bottomed silo/bunker reciprocates across the floor promoting mass flow and discharges the material directly into –

  • For Sludge Cake – silo bottom pump(s)
  • For any material – Discharge Screw(s)

Screw Reception Hopper for Sludge Cake

A truck reverses up against two wheel stops where a magic eye sensor causes a roller shutter door to open. In the bottom of a wedge-shaped reception bunker there are six inclined shaftless screw conveyors supported in stainless steel troughs lined with low friction plastic. The screws provide an ‘active bottom’ to the bunker. The bunker structure has extended high side plates and a horizontal and curved roller shutter door to close and seal above the bunker/screws after a lorry has tipped its load.

Once tipped the cake material is pulled towards the discharge head (top) of the bunker by the shaftless screws and discharges directly into a transfer shaftless screw conveyor. This inclined conveyor transfers the cake away from the bunker screws to the next process.

Saxlund Trailer Docking Station

The SAX-TDS is designed to allow Moving Floor trailers to reverse, dock into the system and discharge materials without spillage into a conveying system. The SAX-TDS utilises screw conveyors to meter the material as it is removed from the trailer and discharge into a chain or belt conveyor for transportation onto the next process.

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