HOTAB Certus - Transportable solutions for Biomass Energy

Certus is a standardized transportable biomass boiler centre, part of HOTAB Biosystems product range. It is built to optimize energy output and standardise the production, thus providing a cost effective BioEnergy plant.

An introduction to Certus

The Certus Transportable Biomass Boiler Centres are designed to provide excellent internal space and with well-thought-out solutions, especially for future service requirements.

The component selection is made according to customers’ requirements, and so can be tailored for client specifications.

The Certus transportable biomass boiler units are a robust technology and are always built for the harsh Nordic climate.

connect many Certus units and thus get 2x3MW or 3x3MW, if you want a condenser, oil boiler or gas boiler, this can also be built together as a module in two different units.

A Certus unit is always supplied in two parts with a roof section and a bottom section where the boiler, plumbing and electricity are factory installed. The bottom section is easily assembled in a couple of hours. Fuel feed and ash and dust handling are fitted. A simple electrical, water and drainage connection is made and then it is only to start the plant. The Certus unit is simply placed on a hard and flat surface concrete surface, no special civils works are required.

As simple fuel handling system can also be provided using our Saxlund Push Floor either a in simple steel bunker, or delivered as a design to be cast in concrete.

Transportable Unit Sizes:

Fuel Type:

  • Wooden pellets - Certus P3
  • Dry Wood Chips - Certus T3
  • Wet Wood Chips - Certus F3

Max power per unit 3,000 kW

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