Chain conveyor, Fuel handling for power, Push floor

Markinch CHP Biomass Plant

Saxlund designed, manufactured, and installed the fuel handling system for Markinch CHP which included three rotary TubeFeeders

Case Study

Markinch CHP Biomass Plant


Saxlund were awarded the contract to design, manufacture, install and commission the fuel handling system for the Markinch CHP in Glenrothes. Saxlund were awarded the contract alongside Canning Conveyors who supplied and installed the interconnecting belt conveyors, with Saxlund appointed Project Management of the joint project.

The Markinch CHP is a 55MWe Biomass power station, which also provides district heating to the local community. The plant is fuelled by a mix of waste wood and virgin wood, which are delivered to site in moving floor trailers. 

The trailers discharge into four Samson Reception Units, which are designed to receive over 9 trucks per hour. The Samson units are capable of feeding onto either of the two conveying streams to the silos.

The plant is designed with 100% redundancy, allowing the plant to continue operating if one of the two conveying streams or two of the three silos are down for maintenance.

Before reaching the storage silos the fuel is screened for ferrous metal and oversize, which are discharged out of the fuel stream.

The fuel is then fed into one of the three storage silos, which are each fitted with a Rotary TubeFeeder® discharger.

The TubeFeeders discharge the fuel into elevating chain conveyors which feed one of two belt conveying streams, fitted with high accuracy weigh idlers. The belt conveyors feed to high inclination enmass chain conveyors to feed the boiler day bins.

Technical Data




Shredded Waste Wood


Jacobs E&C Limited


4 off Samson Reception Units

Reception Throughput 

380m3 max per unit

2 off Disc Screen Separators

Screening throughput

780m3 each

3 off Concrete Storage Silos

Silo Diameter

Silo Height

Storage Volume

3 off Saxlund TubeFeeder®

Discharge Rate

285m3/hr per unit

Elevating TKF Chain Conveyor

Conveying Rate

285m3/hr per unit

Elevating Enmass Chain Conveyor

Conveying Rate

285m3/hr per unit