Piston pump, Push floor, Sliding frame, Truck reception, Waste water

Sludge Cake Reception, Storage and Pumping at Hamburg Water

Saxlund supplied one reception bunker with Saxlund Push Floor discharger, two Saxlund Piston Pumps, one Storage Silo with Saxlund Sliding Frame discharger and two further Saxlund Piston Pumps.

Case study

Reception of imported sludge at Hamburg Wasser

On Germany’s largest wastewater treatment plant Köhlbrandhöft Saxlund an additional method of waste disposal for communal sewage sludge has been created. The imported sludge and internal sludge were dried and burnt in a Mono incineration plant.

Saxlund has provided the complete storage, discharging, conveying and metering facilities as well as the electrical control equipment. The imported sludge cake is delivered by tipping truck to a reception bunker equipped with Saxlund Push Floor Discharge. It is fed efficiently via the combined discharge/pre-press screw to both Saxlund Duplex Solids Handling Pump. The pumps convey the sewage sludge to the storage silo. From the storage silo, the sewage sludge is pumped via the reliable SAXLUND Sliding Frame discharge and Solids Handling Pump via distributor valves into 3 dryers.

For the protection of the following machines, a foreign body separator is installed in the pressure pipeline and retrains foreign parts exceeding 30mm. To prevent loss of pressure, the long piping has been fitted with a lubricant dosing device. Every silo is fitted with a continuous level indicator, CH4 monitoring instrument and a ventilation system for the biogas.

For the incineration plant, VERA Saxlund had delivered 3 Push Floor Dosing boxes for screenings in 1995.

Technical data





Sewage sludge

Bulk density

1000 kg/m³

Dry solids content

18..30 %


Reception silo with Push Floor Discharge

Silo capacity

55 m³

Discharge rate

2x 25 m³/h

Discharge/pre-press screw, type

2x DDA


2-Cylinder Solids Handling Pump

Duplex Solids Handling Pump, type

SPx 2250-1500

Conveying capacity

25 m³/h

Conveying pressure, max

40 bar

Motor rating

90 kW

Pipework, DN200 PN40

Approx. 20 m


Circular Storage Silo with Sliding Frame Discharge

Silo capacity

800 m³

Discharge rate (variable)

10 m³/h

Discharge screw, type



2-Cylinder Solids Handling Pump

Solids Handling Pump, type

SP 2180-1000

Conveying capacity (variable)

10 m³/h

Conveying pressure,max.

64 bar

Motor rating

55 kW

Pipework, DN125 PN100

Approx. 60 m