Piston pump, Truck reception, Waste water

Sludge Handling at WWTP Karlsruhe

One Sludge Cake Truck Reception Bunker fitted with Saxlund Push Floor Discharger into two Saxlund Piston Pumps.

Case study

Sewage sludge incineration plant at the WWTP Karlsruhe

The city of Karlsruhe operates fluid bed incineration for municipal sewage sludge in their wastewater treatment plant. In addition to the internal sludge im- ported sludge is taken from other sewage plants.

Already in 2002 Saxlund had de- livered the first plant for the sludge handling. By increasing the capacity of the incineration, a second receiving station is installed.

For loading of the reception silo, a hydraulically operated cover on the road level has to open. The push floor and the prepress screw installed directly under the silo bottom feed the solids-handling pump. For charging the two fluid beds a Saxlund distribution is used.

Due to a pipeline length of 100 m, lubrication is essential. The pipeline pressure is reduced approx. 40 % by the water injection.

Technical data





Sewage sludge

Bulk density

1000 kg/m³

Dry solids content

20...30 %


Reception silo with Push Floor Discharge

Silo capacity

38 m³

Discharge rate

15 m³/h

Discharge/pre-press screw, type



2-Cylinder Solid Pumps

Solid pump, type

SP 2250-1000

Conveying capacity

15 m³/h

Conveying pressure, max

100 bar

Motor rating

110 kW

Pipework, DN200 PN40

Approx. 110 m