Piston pump, Sliding frame, Waste water

Sludge Silos and Pumps for Doha, Qatar

Four sludge cake silos fitted with Saxlund Sliding Frame Dischargers, feeding four Saxlund Piston Pumps.

Case study

Sludge drying installation at the WWTP Doha in Qatar

For the waste disposal of the capital Doha the Emirate Qatar has built up a Waste Water Treatment Plant in the desert. With the treated waste water to a newly emerging theme park is irrigated.

The mechanically dewatered sludge is stored in the Saxlund silos. The bases of the silos are designed as dustproof, air-conditioned rooms in order to protect the hydraulic and electrical engineering from extreme weather conditions.

The Saxlund Sliding frame with discharge screw feeds the transfer chute of the prepress screw. The downstream Saxlund solids pump supplies the dryer continu- ously with sludge.

To protect downstream equipment a foreign object separator is in- stalled in the pressure pipe and keeps back foreign parts greater than 30 mm.

Technical data





Sewage sludge

Bulk density

900...1200 kg/m³

Dry solids content

18...32 %


4 Storage silo with Sliding Frame Discharge

Silo capacity

213 m³

Discharge rate

10 m³/h


4 2-Cylinder Solids Pump

Solid pump, type

SP 2180-1000

Conveying capacity

10 m³/h

Conveying pressure

100 bar

Motor rating

90 kW

Pipework, DN200 PN100

ca. 60 m