New Contracts for Sludge Pumps

Saxlund International GmbH has signed a contract with a total value of approximately SEK 29 million (EUR 2.8 million). There are three contracts for different customers where Saxlund will deliver sludge handling equipment consisting primarily of Saxlund’s self-developed sludge pump.

Saxlund will supply sludge handling equipment consisting of our self-developed and well-proven sludge pump and separator. The three contracts are for customers who will build incineration plants for sludge.

"We are very strong today, the company has never been so well financed, which is reflected in our customers’ trust in Saxlund. We have strengthened the organization in the parent company with a new CFO and are basically debt-free, Saxlund is well equipped for 2021. We have a strong sales pipeline and believe that the good order situation will continue for the rest of the year and during the beginning of next. Saxlund wins three more contracts in sludge management and strengthens our position in the industry as a reliable supplier with top-class equipment," says Stefan Wallerman, CEO of Saxlund Group AB.