Saxlund Sweden win new materials handling contract

Saxlund Groups AB’s subsidiary, Saxlund International Holding AB, has signed a contract with Setra Trävaror AB on October 29 for the supply of material handling equipment to Långshyttan. The equipment will, among other things, supply Setra’s transportable heating plant, supplied by Saxlund, with fuel.

Saxlund will supply a portable dry-heat plant for Setra’s plant in Långshyttan during the winter of 2019/2020. In order to be able to supply the transportable plant with fuel, Setra has chosen to place an order on material handling equipment from Saxlund.

– Saxlund will manufacture the transportable facilities during the autumn for delivery during the winter 2019/2020. Now we will also start manufacturing material handling equipment consisting of Saxlund’s bar feeding floor and conveyors to, among other things, be able to supply the new transportable center with fuel. This will be one of several plants that Saxlund has delivered to Setra over the past 10 years, it shows that Saxlund has very good products that Setra is satisfied with. It is an exciting project in Långshyttan and we at Saxlund are very happy to be part of and secure Setra’s demand for heat, says Stefan Wallerman, CEO of Saxlund Group AB.

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